Re: naive question

On 23 May 2001 15:31:36 -0400, Nikita Ogievetsky wrote:
> Now there are two problems.
> 1)Using XPath (XPointer) you almost could say
>     <<give me text content of  first <s:Creator> property
>     of <rdf:Description> whose @about=""...>>
>     But wait!
>     Content of <rdf:Description> is a <rdf:bag>, so you can not rely
>     on the order of elements!

Ouch ! XPath is related to XML, not to RDF...
Hence, it can indeed point to the first or second dc:Creator child of a
rdf:Description element.

Furthermore, I'm not sure that XPointer URIs can be used to identify a
IMO, they identify a part of an XML document.


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