Re: quick syntax question

From: "Danny Ayers" <>

> I'm wanting to specify in an RDF schema that each instance of class X will
> be a bag of instances of class Y. I've got myself hopelessly confused. How
> do I do it?

I took a stab at this [1].  To do it I had to create a new property "molds"
which is like the "slot" in my conceptual dependancy diagram [2] but can
take prototype statements as objects.  The quantification part is very much
work in progress, i'm not sure about it at all.  Also please dont get me
involved with whether a bag can also be an instance of something other than
a bag .. that's between you and the W3C.


Hope this doesn't just contribute to your confusion ...

Received on Saturday, 5 May 2001 00:02:05 UTC