Re: N3 contexts vs RDF reification

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> Incidentally there is a group of us students and tool makers who are trying
> to form a cross disciplinary mailing list where we can ask luminaries in
> fields such as  semantics, formal logic, philosophy of mind, linguistics,
> complexity theory, and computer science some questions about how to make
> this emerging Semantic Web work.  We would like you to join our panel.   If
> you (or the other estemeed recients of this email) feel you have the time,
> please go to and
> subscribe your preferred email address.  The traffic is relatively low and
> discussion is proceeding in a thoughtful and scholarly manner.  Eventually
> we hope to have an associated wiki, where we can record in a interrelated
> manner our hopefully growing understanding of these matters.
> [3] Archives at

I want to apologize to those who subscribed to the list earlier this month
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most subscriptions from getting through. If you meant to subscribe, and
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