Re: relational mapping?

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> Neat; but these seem to be "storing RDF in RDBMS" as opposed to
> "producing RDF from a (legacy?) RDBMS"
> Actually.

But what we think when we say that we produce RDF represantation of RDBMS. Does it mean that we produce isomorphic
structure or something, representing information in terms table, row, column?
For producing RDF data I currently use some kind of operational  semantic which allows you to having description of
RDF schema to describe how data from RDBMS are mapping into RDF.
If you mean do describe data in RDF in temrs of RDBMS then we can use XML work for such aims, which can be done more
suitable by using RDF
Standard MDIS allows to describe relational data  in XML
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Andrei S. Lopatenko

Received on Wednesday, 9 May 2001 10:56:49 UTC