Re: Do these folks know about RDF?

> (By the year 2001 we were supposed to be served by robotic
> slaves who could read books by flicking through them...)

You mean you haven't got a robotic slave yet? Where've you been?

> [...] Sure, we can do mappings etc., but if we can avoid doing
> mappings through not diverging in the 1st place, even better!

Oh, the "S. Russell" principle. I've no problem with that at all - I
just think it's funny that instead of being left out because one did
not conform/did not know about some statndardized system, it may well
be possible to have decentralized scaling. Mappings mean more chance
for the little guy to create competitive systems, without having to
research thousands of other systems before hand, which can surely only
be a good thing.

Of course, there is the problem with the need for a standardized
inference langauge, but I think that even that could be bootstrapped
in to a certain extent... hey, that'd make a great little test...

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