Re: Leveraging UML in RDF

Ideas about representing RDF models in UML were also subject of research at

My experience shows that using UML for representing RDF schemas and models can be fruitful
1 a powerfull ability of UML in expressing both static and dynamic (operation) features of information systems. 
It allow to put RDF schemas (expressed in UML) into more rich models expressing dynamic features, not only put but relate RSDF schemas to them. 
2 there is a well-defined MOF standard for E-R of UML metamodels and meta...models. It is very and clearly defined in terms of entitites, attributes, relation which allows to easily implement it over RDBMS or OODBMS and this database for UML can servo for storing RDF schemas. A lot of work for MOF were already done, there are tools for editing storing, retriving, analysing schema infotmation and they can be used for RDF 
3 There are a number of extenstions of UML (by metadata community, extension of OIM, OMG community for UML exaxtly) which can be utilized for RDF and using RDF-to-UML and reverse mapping can be automatically mapped into RDF schema
4 one of this "extenstion" is CWM Common Warehouse Model. Among others it defines Model for describing transformation of data, transfer of date, simple vocabulary mapping. One of the possible usage of RDF is data exchange. Using CWM allows to accumulate for RDF and WEB community rich experience of datawerehouse community

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Andrei S. Lopatenko

Received on Friday, 18 May 2001 05:18:50 UTC