Re: [www-rdf-interest] <none>

> Semantic error 
> 	3025: The element is not declared in the RDF-Schema namespace.
> 	Error called by: Model.RDF_test
> 	at line 20(0) of input during parsing: </
> Found 1 error(s) during parsing!
> The file t.rdf is not a valid RDF-File.
> This seems a basic task, to talk about an instance of the various
> classes one might create.  How does one do it?

The error message says that the element 'Description' is not in the RDF-Schema
namespace, which is correct. Instead, it's in the RDF namespace, so replacing
"rdfs:Description" with "rdf:Description" should do the trick.


Received on Thursday, 3 May 2001 03:51:11 UTC