RDF question

I am attempting to load the content and structure rdf files from http://dmoz.org/rdf.html into a SQL Server database - I have read the RDF spec at w3 but have found no solutions that even properly parse the rdf files. I am using the Java programming language and am very familiar with XML - but I have no idea how to get the content / structure files from http://dmoz.org/rdf.html into CSV format so that it can be loaded into a relational database (in this case SQL Server.) If you have code to creat a CSV file from RDF or can give me a link to download an RDF parser that understands the structure / content files on http://dmoz.org/rdf.html then I would be very very appreciative. Thanks for your time. 


Received on Friday, 18 May 2001 08:26:54 UTC