RE: deliverables?

At 03:19 AM 5/2/01 +0100, Stuart Naylor wrote:
>I am sorry William but whenever I read one of your emails I get this image 
>of some mad hippy mormon milking a cyber cow.

I wouldn't be sorry to get such an image.

I'm actually quite a bit post-hippy (MIT, class of '46) and the only 
mormonism is somewhat overlapping serial polygamy in the distant past. I 
have a bunch of cashmere goats but don't milk them, just comb out their 
down to make "the fiber of kings".

SN:: "Once the highbrows have that one figured then it's time for one of 
williams barn dances.

WL: I think "the highbrows" have actually got it to where it's already time 
for a bit of dancing, barn or otherwise. One of the most vivid images I 
have is from WWW 7 in Brisbane at a panel session where the other panelists 
were "berating" TimBL for not getting hypertext perfected before releasing 
it on an unprepared world. Everybody at the conference would probably still 
be writing COBOL if he hadn't *done something* besides 

I think the image of an empty UPS truck zipping past the gates of the 
refugee center within which are starving babies isn't far off the mark. We 
are all in this together and while those babies might not get endowments 
and scholarships to Phillips-Exeter, there's surely a way to feed them - 
probably tonight. We're all pretty smart and comparatively very rich, so I 
just thought we might figure something out.


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