RE: RDF and xml:base

Lee said:

> I took rdf:ID to have the equivalent semantics as an XML 
> attribute of type 'ID'.  If this is the case, then xml:base won't 
> affect the absolute URI-reference for the RDFresource defined - 
> AFAIK, '#fragid' is always a fragment within the current 
> document, regardless of the base URI.


According to the XPointer drafts, which will set the fragment identifier
syntax for XML documents, #fragid does not always refer to the current
document. It is a relative URI reference, and is converted to an absolute
identifier according to the rules of RFC 2396. Those rules say that
the first thing to check for is a base URI embedded in the document's
content. The xml:base attribute came out of the XML Linking WG (which is
the group also doing the XPointer spec) in order to provide just that
functionality. If no base URI exists in the document, then we assume
the base is that of the current document (encapsulating entity, to
be pedantic).

Ron Daniel
co-editor of XPointer

Received on Tuesday, 29 May 2001 11:27:53 UTC