RE: #rdf-ns-prefix-confusion

Thanks, Dave and Aaron.

That's the type of definitive answer I was hoping for.

After trying to follow the threads on rdfcore, can I summarize it by saying
that the RDF syntactic attributes (about, ID, etc) are now required to be
qualified but for backwards compatibility are allowed to be unqualified and
all other unqualified attributes are to be silently ignored? And that this
applies regardless of the namespace name of the current element?

An aside: I'm not on the WG but is it possible to subscribe to rdfcore
without being able to post? I had no idea that you'd been discussing this
issue to death on that list. The archives are public but it's just not as
convenient for me as using my own mail client.


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> >>>Aaron Swartz said:
> > Jason Diamond <> wrote:
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> > > Does it mean that all unprefixed attributes will
> > > "assume" the prefix of their owner element for the purposes of which
> > > predicate will be used or which RDF syntactic "keyword" is desired?
> >
> > It is my understanding that we do not currently suggest an
> interpretation
> > for parsers to use. However, I have queried the list on this:
> >
> >
> At the most recent RDF Core meeting we discussed some new words I
> suggested about this issue:
>    1) unprefixed attributes have no meaning in RDF and must not be
>      used (excepting backwards-compatible accepting of rdf namespace
>      attributes such as about, id etc.)
> and the above words were accepted.  This decision was recorded in
>   Draft minutes of 2001-05-11 RDF Core WG teleconference

Is this sufficient?


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