Re: deliverables?

> The main struggle with semantic is where is the root [...]

There aren't any: and that's the hardest bit. No roots of the ontology
trees, only a handful of terms that are even vaguely uniformly
implemented by parsers, and a heck of a lot of URIs. Sounds like a
recipie for disaster, but then so was "being able to link from any
document to any other doucment"... that won't work, you can't have a
universal space, and even if you did, what about all the broken links?
And so on...

So RDF works on the principle of least power (er, at least it should
do - XML RDF doesn't), and that's great news for interoperability, but
harder for the guys trying to make applications, which is why there
aren't all that many right now. But we have the building blocks, so it
shouldn't be all that long. I don't forsee this as being one of those
things that is permanently 6 months away - too many good minds working
on this one.

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