Re: Using RDF to describe DOM tests

> > I would appreciate any comments
> Check out EARL.

Where did you get that URI from? It was pretty out of date (I've now
got it pointing at the latest development schema). The EARL homepage
is actually at:-
     - EARL

It may well be that this would be an excellent application for EARL,
seeing as how Arnold's following comments are very close to the data
model that we have:-

The definitive definition of a DOM tests is in XML and the test is
identified by a fragment URI.

A test suite is a collection of tests and other suites and is
identified by a URI.

Tests will need to identify their source, creation date, versioning
information, and relationship to particular passages in the
corresponding recommendations.

For example, EARL uses URIs to identify tests, has a generic mechanism
for evaluating against a range of Test Cases, and Test Criteria, and
contains numerous dating, versioning, and similar properties. Check
out the schema that's (now) at the URI William posted, and the
homepage prose for more details.

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