Re: RDF Schema Intergration

Marco Grawunder <Marco.Grawunder@Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE> wrote:

> I'm looking for some information on the integration process of diverse
> RDF schemata. Concrete I'd like to merge different profile
> descriptions to get one virtual view. Like in all integration
> processes there may be some semantic and syntactic conflicts that have
> to be solved (e.g. due the fact that the same thing can be different
> modelled). Do you know about some work about this topic and can give me a
> pointer to that.

I think the easiest thing would be to define daml:equivalentTo and
rdfs:subClassOf where appropriate. The next best thing is to use log rules
(as in Tim's log:implies) to define the manipulations. More complex stuff
than that has not yet been defined, to my knowledge, so feel free to try it
yourself and report back.

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Received on Sunday, 6 May 2001 11:32:22 UTC