Re: Leveraging UML in RDF

> "Andrei S. Lopatenko" wrote:
> Hello
> Ideas about representing RDF models in UML were also subject of
> research at


thanks a lot for the pointer. In fact, I had the pleasure to discuss
some of the related issues with Stephen Cranefield on this list a while

> My experience shows that using UML for representing RDF schemas and
> models can be fruitful
> 1 a powerfull ability of UML in expressing both static and dynamic
> (operation) features of information systems.
> It allow to put RDF schemas (expressed in UML) into more rich models
> expressing dynamic features, not only put but relate RSDF schemas to
> them.
> 2 there is a well-defined MOF standard for E-R of UML metamodels and
> meta...models. It is very and clearly defined in terms of entitites,
> attributes, relation which allows to easily implement it over RDBMS or
> OODBMS and this database for UML can servo for storing RDF schemas. A
> lot of work for MOF were already done, there are tools for editing
> storing, retriving, analysing schema infotmation and they can be used
> for RDF

Right. I feel that there is mutual benefit in embracing UML in the RDF
realm. On the other hand, MOF still offers room for simplification; RDF
comes handy here.

> 3 There are a number of extenstions of UML (by metadata community,
> extension of OIM, OMG community for UML exaxtly) which can be utilized
> for RDF and using RDF-to-UML and reverse mapping can be automatically
> mapped into RDF schema

Absolutely! This I would say is the primary reason for doing UML/RDF.

> 4 one of this "extenstion" is CWM Common Warehouse Model. Among others
> it defines Model for describing transformation of data, transfer of
> date, simple vocabulary mapping. One of the possible usage of RDF is
> data exchange. Using CWM allows to accumulate for RDF and WEB
> community rich experience of datawerehouse community

I completely agree with your points. I'm looking forward to seeing the
above usage scenarious emerging as tomorrow's killer apps ;)


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