like SETI

Just came across this on the Computist's list :

Intel has begun a Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program
to tackle the largest scientific quandaries hindering humankind.
Their first project is a distributed computing network
(like SETI@Home) to evaluate molecules for fighting cancer-causing
proteins.  An estimated 24M hours of number crunching could find
a way to block four proteins involved in leukemia, saving 3-5
years over conventional research.  Other diseases -- from
Parkinson's to diabetes -- may be tackled later.  Intel hopes
6M users will download the Windows client software
from <>.  A Linux version is
under development.  <
/releases/20010403corp.htm>.  [Edupage, 04Apr01.]

Is anyone actually working on the use of RDF in distributed number
crunching? (e.g. something like the location of the peers and progress being
tracked using RDF, with MathML used to pump around the actual data)

It reminded me of something else : there's a description in 'Pro Jini' (Sing
Li) of a compute server - something like a reasoning engine for the semantic
web might sit very nicely on a network of these.

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