Re: [topicmapmail] RDF and TopicMaps: an Exercise in Convergence

> This paper >


Among things that stir my reflection in your paper is particularly this one

<Given identity maps onto the SubjectIndicatorReference it seems appropriate
that the RDF resource
maps onto the TopicMap Topic entity. While there may be some debate about
the nature of resource it
seems clear that the intent of these two 'entities' is to be able to talk
about 'things'. The identity aspect is
the main reason for us to assume this fit. Identity is about creating a
space in which you can talk about
a thing.>

I am quite puzzled by the last sentence, and why this mapping between TM
Topic and RDF Resource should be grounded on "identity" considerations. I
don't know what you mean exactly by "things" here. Why don't you
employ"subjects"? Is it different in your mind? I am amazed how your paper
carefully avoids the word "subject" to focus on "identity" ...

The bottom question: Do you really consider that RDF Resource and TM Topic
are equivalent (or isomorphic) concepts, in the sense that any information
captured in an RDF Resource can be captured in an equivalent way by a TM
Topic (and the other way round) ? Or do you consider it for the moment as a
formal equivalence?

I suppose you had live debate about it in Berlin. I hope someone will
forward to the list some record of that debate ... may be yourself :)


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