Re: relational mapping?

From: "Jan Grant" <>

> On Thu, 3 May 2001, Danny Ayers wrote:
> > Has anyone come across a mapping of the relational model to RDF? I'm
> > there's a pretty direct one possible at a low level (tuple to tuple I
> > suppose), but it'll save me some thought and a lot of time if someone's
> > already looked into this. Alternatively, if there's an RDFS around that
> > contains RDBMS terms (schema, table, column etc) I'd very much like to
> > about it. I'm wanting to operate at this latter level, but it would be
> > to be on firm foundations.
> I've done quite a bit of thinking about it; got some paper notes which
> I'm in the (slow) process of typing up. You're right, there's a simple
> mechanical mapping of rows in a table to RDF; what you lose by this is
> the natural linking of properties.
> For a sufficiently normalised relational schema*, you can generally
> produce a mapping
> (primary key) -> resource
> (other values) -> properties
> (foreign key) -> link to resource representing primary key for
> foreign table

No doubt you are aware of the list of these recorded at [1], to which list I
have added the structure diagrammed at [2].



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