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CSS, no print and no source Oscar Lopez Sastre (Friday, 25 April)

RFD: Adding alias names to links and resources in HTML documents Rob (Thursday, 24 April)

usemap displayed Bruno Kestemont (Thursday, 24 April)

map displayed in img Bruno Kestemont (Thursday, 24 April)

<LI><P> in AOLpress 2.0 Walter Ian Kaye (Thursday, 24 April)

What happened with <td width=> in Cougar? Edwin Woudt (Wednesday, 23 April)

Wednesday's <NEWS> is here.. <mbox@ziplink.net> (Wednesday, 23 April)

Re: HTML Metadata for other Web objects Andreas Koenig (Wednesday, 23 April)

FREE INFORMATION Deepan Verma (Wednesday, 23 April)

selction lists with many fields Shefali Sinha (Wednesday, 23 April)

CGI Problems in MS EXPLORER Isamar Villas Boas Perrelli Maia (Tuesday, 22 April)

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FREE INFORMATION Deepan Verma (Tuesday, 22 April)

FREE INFORMATION navaid@khi.fascom.com (Monday, 21 April)

Free Information BFree (Friday, 21 February)

Free Money Mo Money (Sunday, 20 April)

Important message from I.S.P.O.T. ispot@earthlink.net (Sunday, 20 April)

Re: mime-type confusion Tristan Savatier (Sunday, 20 April)

HiTMeLive - the Live / Real -Time HTML editor HiTMeLive (Friday, 18 April)

A Proposal from the Disabled Access Community James Shattuck (Friday, 18 April)

HELLO Electronic Information Network Patron (Thursday, 17 April)

Tables, paragraphs, and structure (was Re: colours for bullets...) David Perrell (Thursday, 17 April)

Re: Hyphenation (was Re: A suggested tag) lee@sq.com (Thursday, 17 April)

The soft hyphen (SHY) is useless in HTML Jukka Korpela (Thursday, 17 April)

A meta-tag to define a document's volatility Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' (Thursday, 17 April)

Re: Table Syntax (was Re: some more interesting effects ... Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' (Thursday, 17 April)

What you've been asking for... win@this.page (Thursday, 17 April)

Re: Combined DTD - 3.2 + CSS1? (fwd) MegaZone (Wednesday, 16 April)

Table Syntax (was Re: some more interesting effects ...) Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' (Wednesday, 16 April)

Handling relocated anchors... Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' (Wednesday, 16 April)

MIRROR for external entity references in XML? Steven Champeon (Wednesday, 16 April)

DOM (Document Object Model) (fwd) MegaZone (Wednesday, 16 April)

META question... (fwd) MegaZone (Wednesday, 16 April)

META question... Josh Paluch (Tuesday, 15 April)

Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses Carl Morris (Tuesday, 15 April)

Re: PROFILE as HEAD attribute Andrew Daviel (Tuesday, 15 April)

colours for bullets Christopher Kho (Monday, 14 April)

Get Permission BFree (Friday, 14 March)

What ever happened to <person>, <abbrev> etc. tags (fwd) MegaZone (Sunday, 13 April)

Apology about "WHICH CODE" messages Arnoud (Saturday, 12 April)

Help with MS IE Aviram Carmi (Friday, 11 April)

What ever happened to <person>, <abbrev> etc. tags Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' (Friday, 11 April)

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Effects of Mixing CSS anf <FONT> tag? Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' (Thursday, 10 April)

Sgml-lex: wrong hyperlinks in draft text. Kim Oechsle Hansen (Thursday, 10 April)

RE: "Mailto" Command James E. LaBarre (Wednesday, 9 April)

HTML 4.0? schwarte@iwb.uni-stuttgart.de (Wednesday, 9 April)

ISO-HTML BDO-SPAN Patrick Nepper (Sunday, 6 April)

Re: HTML "include": see WD-object [was: HTTP Connection Management] nemo/Joel N. Weber II (Sunday, 6 April)

Cougar Critique - style WD defined nonstandard HTTP header? Arnoud (Saturday, 5 April)

Re: "Mailto" Command Carl Morris (Friday, 4 April)

Cougar Critique - frames WD Arnoud (Friday, 4 April)

Cougar Critique - general Arnoud (Friday, 4 April)

Mathematical extensions to ISO-HTML Roger Price (Friday, 4 April)

Location of ISO-HTML Harald.T.Alvestrand@uninett.no (Friday, 4 April)

CSS Printing Extensions Hakon Lie (Thursday, 3 April)

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Critique of the ISO-HTML draft Arnoud (Wednesday, 2 April)

Call for Papers - 11th Unicode Conference - September 1997, California Misha Wolf (Wednesday, 2 April)

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meta-draft Davide Musella (Tuesday, 1 April)

Re: ISO and HTML Dave Carter (Tuesday, 1 April)

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