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Dave Raggett wrote:

> Perhaps we should introduce a convention for linking to a dictionary
> of hyphenation rules and special cases, e.g. via the LINK element
> or perhaps as an extension to CSS. What formats are appropriate for
> hyphenation dictionaries though?

A full dictionary for each language would be too much expensive.
Some time ago (in 1983) F. M. Liang proposed a very efficient
method for compressing hyphenation dictionaries while making them
much easier to search. This method is used in TeX and it produces
quite good results with very small dictionaries. This is also the
method used in Amaya.

Here is the size (in bytes) of some of these dictionaries:

   English:   49338
   German:    26987
   Spanish:    3874
   French:    14707
   Potuguese:   898

For more information about Liang's method:

    F. M. Liang, Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-put-er.
    Stanford university report STAN-CS-83-977. August 1983.

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