Re: A suggested tag

Ingo Macherius wrote:
> This would impose the necessarity to have multi langual dictionaries
> installed on any client machine. With the supposed tag such would be needed
> on the providers machine. I donīt think this tag would be used by authors,
> but would be inserted by post processing scripts.

As long as it is a server side, why not just point to hyphenation
dictionary customized with the words in the document (or perhaps the

#1. That wouldn't mutiliate the HTML.
#2. Only browsers that knew what to do with it would have to download
#3. No change to HTML would be necessary -- use LINK.
#4. The average network transaction would be smaller, because
dictionaries tend to be smaller than repeated markup.
#5. A dictionary based approach is the right one in the long run, even
if the dictionaries must reside on the client machine, so we might as
well move in that direction.

How often do you read documents in more than 2 or 3 languages? How many
do you speak? Why not just download and cache those dictionaries?
Compared to RealAudio or ShockWave, dictionary files are getting pretty
darn miniscule, especially after compression!

 Paul Prescod

Received on Friday, 11 April 1997 18:10:22 UTC