Re: A Proposal from the Disabled Access Community

  Thank you for your responce and advice, I believe it will be exactly
we are looking for.

Andrew Daviel wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, James Shattuck wrote:
> > possible implementation is as a search-part parameter name
> > "where-it-says" such that an example URL would be:
> >
> > scheme://
> >
> Interesting idea. I would think that something like
> <a href="scheme://"
> search="I%20told%20you%20so"> might  be appropriate (we already have
> lang, target, name, title etc.)

That would be a perfect solution, however, I am suprised that I did not
there was an anchor title, it would be as good as an alt image.

> I would think there may be some opposition from commercial interests, who
> want you to go to the top of their page first to read the advertisents...
> Perhaps the tag could merely preload the browser search buffer, so that
> it requires only a few keystrokes to jump, instead of moving immediately
> to the marked place.

I hope we wouldn't have to do that, but I think what the situation we
are thinking of using this in would be different than a top level page
at a site. 

> All it really needs is for you to patch Lynx to include this behaviour,
> then the Lynx community can start using the tag in their own work.
> Mainstream Web use is going to ignore it, probably, as it has mostly
> ignored title (in anchors), rel, rev, link etc..
> Andrew Daviel

Yes, that would be a great place to start, thanks.

Do we have any other ideas here folks, or modifications to this one?

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