Re: What happened with <td width=> in Cougar?

On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Edwin Woudt wrote:

> What happened to de width en height attributes for <TD>/<TH> in 
> Cougar? According to the DTD's it is included in Wilbur but not in 
> Cougar.

Cougar uses RFC 1942 which allows you to define properties for
columns and column (and row) groups. This is cleaner than defining
widths and heights as properties of individual cells. The DTD is
currently lacking the means to set the height on TR, THEAD, TBODY
or TFOOT elements. For legacy purposes it may be worthwhile adding
width and height to TD/TH provided the algorithm for resolving
these against values specified on columns or rows is made clear.

For further information read RFC 1942 or its sister draft at W3C

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