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Roger Price <> wrote:
> Hello Arnoud,
> > [Why does the document have all these "Back to index" links
> > sprinkled throughout it? That just looks silly in print.]
> It looks as if you have tried to print the file iso-html.iso-html
> which is intended to be browsed. 

Yes, I know. And I *did* read it with a browser, but I still think
it looks silly. The "Please see here for more" is just very confusing,
because you have to check what the link leads to to determine more
about _what_ you're going to see. And the "back to index" links are
just a pet peeve of mine.

And my browser recognized it as HTML without renaming it. I just gave
it a filetype of HTML. :-)

> Now that the formal JTC1 process is underway, your organization's
> comments should be addressed to your National Standards Body (NB)

Ok. One more question then, how do I find out what my NB is? :-)
I'm in the Netherlands.

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