Help with MS IE

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the proper group for this, but you might be able to
direct me to the appropriate place.

Here is the problem.  I need to pass a hidden text input field that
contains a line break.  If I just enter a carriage return in the "VALUE="
it does not seem to work with MSIE.  Is there a way to escape the carriage

I tried %0A and %0D, but the "%" itself get escaped into %25.

I do not have the source code to the CGI that I am using, (it is a
commercial product), so I cannot just enter a unique string of characters
say '\n' and have the CGI replace that with a line break.

I do think it is a problem with MSIE, since also a TEXTAREA does not work.

i.e. if I enter multiple lines into the text area, MSIE also strips the
carriage returns from the input.

Am I doing anything wrong?  any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



Aviram Carmi

Received on Friday, 11 April 1997 13:37:29 UTC