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> > > <A HREF=""></A>
> > > <A HREF=""></A>
> > 
> > These are both legal. The starting / in such an URL is optional.
> Yes but which is best to use (resting my case)?

That's a matter of style. There really is no difference. 

> Should one consider loading time (the least possible amount of
> characters used) or browser"understanding" most important?

Browsers understand both forms equally well. And the one saved
character isn't that important.

> > Both invalid; the attribute value must be quoted, as it contains
> > characters other than letters, digits, periods and hyphens.
> Does this include the @ in mailto-addressing?

ALL attribute values that contain more than letters, digits,
periods and/or hyphens MUST be quoted. It doesn't matter what
attribute you use them on, you MUST quote in such a case.

> > Legal; tag names and attribute names are case insensitive.
> Yes, but which are faster for those loading my pages and why?

Does not matter at all. The parsers are doing a case insensitive
compare anyway, to find out what the fastest is requires a detailed
analysis of how strncasecmp() or stricmp() is implemented on each
platform. I doubt that the results will affect anything in the
first three decimal points of the total parsing/loading time, in

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