Cougar Critique - style WD defined nonstandard HTTP header?

The style working draft, linked from the Cougar section at the W3C,
introduces the new "Content-Style-Type" HTTP header, which indicates
the style language used for "inline" style specifications.

Apart from the obvious problem that you now can only use one type of
inline style language, it is also a nonstandard HTTP header. Does
this mean that if the WD makes it to PR or even RFC status, the
HTTP RFC will be changed to include this header, or that sites who
want to use this header will have to send out nonstandard HTTP responses?
Neither alternative seems desirable to me.

Perhaps it is a better idea to have the STYLE attribute specify
the language type itself? This would then result in things like

    <P STYLE="text/css: font-size: 12pt; color: rgb(0, 0, 100)">How do
        you like this text style?

although this could give problems if this specification were made
optional and a property named "text/css" was ever defined.

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Received on Saturday, 5 April 1997 14:05:36 UTC