Re: HTML Metadata for other Web objects

>>>>> Andrew Daviel writes:

 > We need a consensus on how to specify metadata for non-HTML Web objects, 
 > IMO.

Agreed. That's what PICS-SE is all about.

 > The "search engine" META tags are in widespread use, and most people 
 > know how to use them, viz.
 > <head>
 > <meta name="description" content="object description here"> 
 > <meta name="keywords" content="various keywords here">
 > </html>

But they are a short term solution IMHO. Not powerful enough, not
extensible enough, not flexible enough, and last not least, bloat.


 > There is a need to index non-HTML objects which have no
 > well-defined metadata facility, and also non-text 
 > objects. These  include audio and video files, PostScript or PDF 
 > documents, executable binaries, and data sets.

And these include all kinds of documents, including HTML, for which
neither author nor publisher nor anybody else with access to the
source has interest, time, or resources to provide metadata.

 > It might be possible to include metadata in HTTP headers, but people seem 
 > reluctant to bulk the headers doing this, and much of the linking ability 
 > is lost.

PICS has a transport mechanism for metadata

- in the HTTP Header
- in 1 (yes _one_) META tag
- separately from the document

PICS-SE adds an object oriented framework that enables metadata
transport with unlimited mileage. *Please* Check it out.


Received on Wednesday, 23 April 1997 05:18:28 UTC