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David Perrell wrote:
> Really? Not for headings? Lists? Other paragraphs?
> And note that NSN treats embedded tables exactly the same as MSIE.

Oh, there are some other funny things too:

you can have:
<a href="anywhere.html">this is a <font color="#ff0000">Link</font> to

If you use it like this the red part is only shown while NSN creates the
window, if it is finished the complete link gets the 'normal' color.

If you have a table around, it is colored always. exmpl:

<table border="0">
<a href="anywhere.html">this is a <font color="#ff0000">Link</font> to a</a>

Only tested with Netscape 3.01b9 under Linux.

I didn't find any hint in the Specification (for HTML) if it is allowed to
define another color in a link like this.


BTW: correct Syntax for tables: The first <tr> should it be there, or
could it be left? I think it should be there, but I've seen so many
different implementations, so I'm a little bit confused.


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