Re: Critique of the ISO-HTML draft

>1) The DTD is not backwards compatible. HEAD and BODY are required,
>to name just two examples.

It depends on how you define backwards compatible. I personally am more 
concerned about old applications being able to read new documents. 
Without that, then your documents will be unreadable by anyone who 
doesn't upgrade their software. On the other hand, it's less of a problem 
if your HTML 2.7 document doesn't meet the HTML 2.8 standard, since an 
application can be written to read both formats. Fortran 77 didn't 
invalidate all those Fortran 66 programs. (Everyone on this list *does* 
know Fortran, right?  OK, in modern terms, Nintendo 64 doesn't mean that 
your old Nintendo 8 bit system doesn't work anymore but they do take 
different cartridges.)

>2) In AREA, "shape=default" is omitted. This makes it impossible to
>define an URL for all undefined areas in the map.

Hardly impossible. Simply define a rectangle that covers the entire area 
of the image as the bottom-most shape and name it "Default" if you want.

    --- Bruce Leban
    Akimbo Systems
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Received on Thursday, 3 April 1997 01:14:16 UTC