I have read the ISO-HTML Committee Draft and would like to know, if anybody knows
what the difference between BDO and SPAN is.

The following is an excerpt from the ISO-HTML Committee Draft:

>The <BDO> element contains unusual pieces of text in which directionality
>cannot be resolved from the context in an unambiguous fashion.
>For example in part numbers, formulas, telephone numbers, punctuation and other
>texts whose directionality cannot be determined by context alone.

>The <SPAN> element provides a generic container to carry language and
>bidirectional attributes in cases where no other element is appropriate.

What is the difference between using <BDO DIR="ltr" LANG="en-us"></BDO>
and using <SPAN DIR="ltr" LANG="en-us"></SPAN>?

Please comment on this. I am always here to learn.

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Received on Sunday, 6 April 1997 16:17:47 UTC