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On  Wed, 02 Apr 1997 05:48:37 Paul Prescod wrote:

>DIR and MENU have not found market acceptance >after several years. They
>should not even be in HTML 3.2 which was >supposed to describe "current

Am I wrong or is it a bad idea to remove DIR and MENU completely?
The difference between DIR, MENU and normal ULists has always been
its content.
If you want to automatically evaluate documents and for example search for
all docs containing DIRs or extract these DIRs, this job will be hard to
fulfill if you just
have ULs, where the tag says nothing about its content.
That's why I think it has been the right choice to have these tags in
Cougar (in my opinion
not only for backwards compatibility).

Please comment on this. I am always here to learn.

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