Re: Table Syntax (was Re: some more interesting effects ...)

Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' wrote:
> The table specs I've seen say there are no end tags for <tr> and
> <td>, as the next occurrance of one implies the end of another, and
> to embed tables you'd use another <table>...</table>.

Please cite a source for this misinformation, so that we can
correct it.

The </tr> tag is allowed, but optional:

excerpt from:
        W3C Document Type Definition for the HyperText Markup Language
        version 3.2 as ratified by a vote of W3C member companies.
        For more information on W3C look at  URL

        Date: Tuesday January 14th 1997

        Author: Dave Raggett <>

<!ELEMENT tr - O (th|td)*>

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