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On 15 Apr 97 at 17:08, Simone Demmel wrote:

> Liam Quinn wrote:
> > <LI COLOR="#rrggbb" SIZE=xx-large 
> > BACKGROUND="" BGCOLOR="#rrggbb" 
> > FONTFACE="'New Century Schoolbook', Times, serif" FONTSTYLE=italic 
> > Now repeat that for each LI over an entire site of a few hundred 
> > documents.  Then think about what happens when you decide a different 
> > colour would have been better.  Then try to remember why style sheets 
> > didn't seem incredibly easier and more flexible.
> But you are right, that would be too much, perhaps a combination with
> normal style would be the best, so you can define 'your' standard and
> change it only if necessary...

There's no combination needed.  If you want to override what you have 
in your external/embedded style sheet, you can just use the STYLE 

<LI STYLE="color: #rrggbb">

Yes, it's a little more typing than <LI COLOR="#rrggbb"> but it means 
that we don't have to continually add new attributes to HTML every 
time someone thinks up a kewl new style.

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