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Simone Demmel wrote:
> BTW: correct Syntax for tables: The first <tr> should it be there, or
> could it be left? I think it should be there, but I've seen so many
> different implementations, so I'm a little bit confused.

I'm finally beginning to read parts of a DTD, and from this:

<!ELEMENT table - - (caption?, tr+)>
<!ELEMENT tr - O (th|td)*>
<!ELEMENT (th|td) - O %body.content

I see that the only elements within a table are caption (optional) and
row, the only elements within a row are head and data, and in head and
data is %body.content (which includes a number of things. The cap "O"s
indicate that no closing tag is required on TR, TH, or TD (but beware
that NSN needs closing tags in nested tables!).

So, the answer is, YES, the TR is required.

David Perrell

Received on Wednesday, 16 April 1997 14:53:49 UTC