Re: A suggested tag

>From: (Carl Morris)
>The problem is that who ever devised enities didn't stop to think about
>backwards support or forwards support, what ever.  An enity should have
>been designated as "&name;" only, no options.  It then should have been
>documented that you don't support "name" enity, skip it!

Well it's defined as precisely the opposite. If you don't support an 
entity, display the entity name directly. Of course a better syntax or 
displaying it differently would be useful. E.g., I think a normal user 
might find
    2(pi)r   or   2{pi}r   or   2[pi]r
more readable than
although that is certainly better than
if we just ignored the entity!

The real problem is that there's no ALT attribute for entities. Something 
like this would be nice:
    <ENTITY NAME="pi" ALT="(pi)">
    <ENTITY NAME="shy" ALT="">
which would define the alt text for these two entities if the browser 
doesn't support them and do nothing if the browser does.

    --- Bruce Leban
    Akimbo Systems
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Received on Sunday, 13 April 1997 01:21:35 UTC