Re: <LI><P> in AOLpress 2.0

>Technically, you don't. The P element has an optional closing tag.
>See RFC 1866.

I know, again I am late, but quick comments, The RFC makes closing <P> tags
optional for the author, not the render, as such, SGML rules as far as I
can understand require the render to close the <P> when an element is found
that can not be in it, ie a block element.  as such:


is converted to


In the render.  However, MSIE fails to close the <P> for tags such as <HR>,
<TABLE> (because its argumentably an inlinable element).  Disapointingly
though, MSIE also forgets to place extra whitespace between DIVs and TABLEs
 However, if TABLE was an inline element, then it would be correct...


Received on Thursday, 24 April 1997 19:12:50 UTC