Re: Strange definition of Frame in Cougar DTD

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"David Perrell" <> wrote:
> Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet wrote:
> > Problem: what if the document is loaded in the "_top" frame, eg.
> > there are no frames around it? Then you _do_ want to see the
> > NOFRAMES content, since that's typically hiding menu bars and the
> > likes.
> I was tempted to say you just wouldn't do that, then remembered all the
> times I've used the URL of the contents frame as a reference document
> (for example, the URL reference in the message you responded to).

It is also possible that user agents allow the user to _disable_
frames support (Opera 2.1, MS IE for Mac, for example). Then the
browser would effectively be "downgraded" and needed to display noframes.

> It would make sense to display NOFRAMES when no frames have been set,
> but that isn't current browser behavior.

Which frames-capable browsers *do* handle NOFRAMES as the working
draft suggests, anyway?

> If you use server-side scripting you can have the contents document
> load the parent navigation frameset if the requestor UA is
> frame-enabled 

Ok, how do I detect that on the server? Don't you mean client-side

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