Re: A suggested tag

Liam Quinn said:

| > A suggested tag: something like <w> for word split
| A soft hyphen entity, &shy;, was proposed in HTML 2.0, though I don't 
| think many (if any) browsers actually support it.

Think of HTML processing by ESIS events. A tag could be processed on event
level, while an entity would have to be mapped on a character an then 
processed on content level. 

With the <w> solution there is the problem of determining word begin/end.
could not easily be determined as a single word. So to make it bullet proof
word ending/beginnings would have to be tagged, too. E.g.

| Optimally, browsers would have a dictionary of words and their proper 
| hyphenation,

This would impose the necessarity to have multi langual dictionaries
installed on any client machine. With the supposed tag such would be needed
on the providers machine. I donīt think this tag would be used by authors,
but would be inserted by post processing scripts.

| but since they can't even support justified text, 
| thinking about hyphenation is a bit premature.

Isnīt hyphenation a way to properly justified documents ? IMHO first there
is hyphenation, then there is justification.

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