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On Apr 16,  4:50pm, MegaZone wrote:

> When anythign that impacts the DTD becomes an official recommendation
> the DTD SHOULD be revved.  I strongly feel there should always be an
> official W3C DTD that represents all recommendations to date.

I was about to say 'there has only been one HTML Recommendation from W3C'
when I noticed your wording'anything that impacts the DTD'. Actually, the
CSS1 Recommendation doesn't imact the DTD directly - but it does
indirectly, I agree.

There are currently two Recommendations, HTML 3.2 and CSS1, which cannot
be used together to their fullest extent because HTML 3.2 lack the class,
id and style attributes and the span element. These were introduced in
WD-style, which is not an independent Recommendation.

We hear you, and we are trying to improve the situation.

> >Would it be too much asked to get an official Cougar DTD out _now_
> >even though there still are things to work on?

There can be and indeed has been since last year an experimental
Cougar DTD. Once there are no longer things to work on and, all being
well, the thing becomes a Recommendation it won't be called Cougar
any more. It will have a shiny new number.

> It would be nice - we did have a Wilbur DTD to work with that evolved.
> And there *was* a Cougar DTD out, I just can't seem to find it in the
> new structure (maybe they didn't link it...).

There sure is, (and it is linked), see

bash-2.00$ more Cougar.dtd
        This is an EXPERIMENTAL version of HTML (code named Cougar) that
        extends HTML 3.2 to add support for proposals under review by
        the W3C HTML Working Group, including style sheets, scripting,
        the object tag, internationalization and some extensions to
        forms for improved accessibility by people with disabilities.
        The frame tags have been added in acknowledgement of their
        widespread deployment.

            Draft: Friday 18-Apr-97

                Dave Raggett <>
                Arnaud Le Hors <>

        This is work in progress, subject to change at any time.
        It does not imply endorsement by, or the consensus of,
        either W3C or members of the HTML working group. Further
        information about Cougar is available at:
[... etc etc ...]

For introductory material, including links to the various component
drafts of Cougar, see

and for explanetory material about the SGML declaration, DTD, entity files
and SGML Open catalog file see:

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