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Paul Prescod said:

| Ingo Macherius wrote:
| > This would impose the necessarity to have multi langual dictionaries
| > installed on any client machine. With the supposed tag such would be ne=
| eded

| As long as it is a server side, why not just point to hyphenation
| dictionary customized with the words in the document (or perhaps the
| site)?

On WWW6 Mbone submissions there was a speech today concerning processing
documents *in* the proxy. I guess this is be a problem that could be
very well solved this way. So the proxy has the dictionairs and inserts
<w>-like tags. Just a thought ...

| #1. That wouldn't mutiliate the HTML.

Right. But in some cases (just think of the standard poetry example) it
may be unwanted to have hyphenation. So some kind of markup *is* needed.
This may be reduced to someting like <p hyphenation>, if dictionaries are

| #3. No change to HTML would be necessary -- use LINK.

Not even this would be needed. Content-Language and the LANG attributes
should be enough. The LINK may be used to point to additional dictionairs,
e.g. technical ones.

| #5. A dictionary based approach is the right one in the long run, even
| if the dictionaries must reside on the client machine, so we might as
| well move in that direction.

After reading your arguments: Agreed. But something like a common dictionary
format needs vendor decisions. Hope they´ll do.

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