Re: <MATH> implementation (was Re: ISO and HTML)

On 13 Apr 97 at 5:11, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:

> > ++ Why then not put <MATH> back in. This is a requirement of many of
> > ++ us. Its absence is the main reason that 3.2 is inadequate. 
> Wouldn't an <applet> be best? All we really need is a Java applet that can
> take an inline formula as a parameter, parse it (perhaps with some hints),
> and generate a typeset image of the formula, along with a textbox showing
> the original inline version for copy+paste purposes. Maybe it could even
> toggle between graphic and text display, though I don't know enough about
> Java to say whether a paint area and text area could swap positions or not.

That sounds overly complicated.  If you don't feel like adding new 
tags (and with HTML 3.0 Math emphasizing presentation over 
semantics, I don't know that I'd want to see that added), there's 
always OBJECT:

<OBJECT DATA="data:text/x-minse,a*'exp(x,2)+b*x+c=0">
(Your browser doesn't support mathematical expressions.  Fortunately,
you can <a 
href=""> invoke 
Ping's MINSE polymediator</a> to render this equation for you.) 

(Example taken from <>.)

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