What ever happened to <person>, <abbrev> etc. tags (fwd)

Once upon a time Robert Rothenburg 'Walking-Owl' shaped the electrons to say...
>Somewhere between 3.0 and 3.2 a bunch of 'logical' tags like <person> 
><abbrev> and <acronym> were removed.  Seems that they are useful, 

Don't remember person, but at WWW6 I had some long talks with folks like
Chris Lilley  - he was interested in this idea.  Especially from the point
of view of accessability.  Something like this:

<ACRONYM  TITLE="Hypertext Markup Language">HTML</ACRONYM>

Would be displayed as 'HTML' on a visual browser, but could be read
aloud for the blind in full.

Actually after the conversations I've been giving the general concept
quite a bit of thought and I have some early ideas...  It would be nice
to be able to define replacement values in a Style sheet so you didn't
have to type it out all over.

I need some time to work it out, but I told Chris I'd get back to him
as soon as I can with more meat on the idea...

>especially from the point of view of indexing and searching.  Even if 
>UA's ignore them in terms of mark-up, it makes sense to keep them in 
>the standard.
>Also... what about the <tab> and <fn> tags? No plans for them either?

tab is obsolete with CSS IMHO.

<fn> would be nice, but with the DOM (Document Object Model) being
developed this could be done programatically with popups, floating
help, etc.

>A suggested tag while I'm at it: something like <dated> .. </dated> 
>to note that material between is dated:
>  <dated expires="Tue Apr  1 20:00:00 1997 GMT">
>  <p>Bilbo Baggins speaks in the Main Conference Room on
>    the State of Middle Earth, Apr. 1 at 8pm.</p>
>  </dated>

"More tags is bad" - remember that. :-)

This would definitely be addressed with the DOM - conditional display is
a trivial case for that.

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