Re: some more interesting effects - was: Re: colours for bullets

Simone Demmel wrote:
> Oh, there are some other funny things too:
> you can have:
> <a href="anywhere.html">this is a <font color="#ff0000">Link</font>
> anywhere</a>
> If you use it like this the red part is only shown while NSN creates
> window, if it is finished the complete link gets the 'normal' color.
> If you have a table around, it is colored always. exmpl:
> <table border="0">
> <tr><td>
> <a href="anywhere.html">this is a <font color="#ff0000">Link</font>
to a</a>
> </td></tr>
> </table>

I've noticed that NSN does other funny things with elements in tables.
I have a page with both external links and targets inside a large
table. In the external pages that are linked to, there is a link back
to a target anchor in the referencing page (still following?). NSN 3.01
W95/NT is unable to find the target anchor when it comes back to the
page - instead taking the viewer to the end of the page. A reload of
the page is necessary before NSN again recognizes the target anchor

Regarding the tables: MSIE 3.02 does not display a FONT color override
inside an anchor. But beware when you use stylesheets! If you declare a
color for either BODY or P, that color overrides all of the LINK colors
and you MUST declare the anchor pseudo-classes (A:link, etc.) if you
want links to appear in another color.

David Perrell

Received on Wednesday, 16 April 1997 14:14:26 UTC