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On 11 Apr 97 at 22:31, Kenneth Christiansen wrote:

> A suggested tag: something like <w>
> for word split

A soft hyphen entity, &shy;, was proposed in HTML 2.0, though I don't 
think many (if any) browsers actually support it.  Some show a 
hyphen, but I'm not aware of any that actually treat it as a soft 

Still, I wouldn't want to have to write code like this:
> Net<w>scape re<w>spects your on<w>line time and
> In<w>ter<w>net pri<w>va<w>cy. If you would pre<w>fer not to
> re<w>ceive fu<w>ture is<w>sues of Com<w>mu<w>ni<w>ca<w>tor News,

It seems terribly cumbersome and inefficient from an author's 

Optimally, browsers would have a dictionary of words and their proper 
hyphenation, but since they can't even support justified text, 
thinking about hyphenation is a bit premature.  If browsers were to 
support &shy;, I can only imagine using it on long words (>10 

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