Re: A suggested tag

Liam Quinn <> wrote:
>On 11 Apr 97 at 22:31, Kenneth Christiansen wrote:
>> A suggested tag: something like <w>
>> for word split
>A soft hyphen entity, &shy;, was proposed in HTML 2.0, though I don't 
>think many (if any) browsers actually support it.  Some show a 
>hyphen, but I'm not aware of any that actually treat it as a soft 

	Lynx implement handling of &shy; as a soft hyphen several
years ago.  The problem with using it in markup, though, is that
browsers which don't support it end up displaying "&shy;" within
the text.

	Even if other browsers don't bother to implement &shy;,
it would help a lot it they'd as least recongnize and add code
to ignore it.

	Since they haven't bothered to do that either, one advantage
of a tag "something like <w>", or <hyphen> which was proposed a number
of times, is that it would automatically be ignored as an unkown tag
by the old browsers, and those whose developers choose to rely solely
on a dictionary, or are unconcerned about support for soft hyphens.


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