HiTMeLive - the Live / Real -Time HTML editor


Our spider has detected your name and email address in one of the HTML language related newsgroups in the USENET network.

We would like to pay your attention to HiTMeLive - the Live / Real-Time HTML editor, recently released from the GreenRose Corporation (http://www.greenrose.com) development team.

It combines the best features of WYSIWYG editors along with Wizards for the creation of some of the more complex features of Web page design. Yet allows you to directly edit the code.

HiTMeLive has a split screen interface. It updates a viewer window while your making changes to your web page. That is, the viewer will show your page exactly as it will appear on the net the very second changes are made, off-line. No need to switch back and forth anymore.

It is HTML 3.2 compliant with extensions from Microsoft and Netscape and supports Java, ActiveX, Frames, Animated GIFs and all the latest tricks of the Internet trade.

Some of its features are: colored coded HTML tags, multiple undo/redo, multiple document interface, site control and live/dynamic view of the page edited.

Please visit HiTMeLive web site at: http://www.greenrose.com/htwelc.htm to read more about it. A 30 days trial edition is ready for you for download. SO DOWNLOAD IT CAUSE YOU JUST CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS IT!!!

Direct file download is available at: http://www.greenrose.com/HiTMeLive.EXE

HiTMeLive, Copyright GreenRose Corp., 1997

Received on Friday, 18 April 1997 06:13:34 UTC