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'default.css' in CSS2 spec--BOOM!

'default.css' in CSS2 spec--FIXED!

'fixed' positioning [WAS: Header, Footer, and Sidebars]

?Error? display: none & float: left | right

[www-style] <none>

a vote for rotation

ANNC: Cascade Light - FREE Cascading Style Sheets Designer

Another Microsoftism?

Another permission request

Attribute selector

Author styles vs. browser styles

Background images and their size

background-image scaling (CSS)

C++ Class Files for CSS / DOM?

Class attribute

Clipping and Inheritance in CSS2

Confused - NN4, IE3 & 4 rendering

Corrected(?) default.css

CSS "frame" editor

CSS1 clarifications?

CSS1 vertical-align property.

css2 - 17 Tables

css2 - 6.3 Attribute selectors

css2 - 6.4/5/6 Contextual selectors

CSS2 ACSS: relative units

CSS2 Progress

CSS2-Properties Quick Reference Table


Dropped caps

Error in CSS2 Core Syntax


Filters (fwd)

First CSS-Positioning draft?

font-size (was Re: Header, Footer, and Sidebars)

font-size, destroying HTML documents in CSS


Header, Footer, and Sidebars

Height/Width avalable

Hey Microsoft! cool it with CSS points ok?

Hi everyone.


ID and CLASS (fwd)

Inconsistent media descriptors in HTML 4.0 and CSS2

info ro

Inserted text (was: Re: The CSS1 and 2 diffs)


List item numbers in CSS

netscape 4

Page pseudo-class ":first" is a must have for CSS2


Poison in food we all eat (e.g., fruit, meat, cheese)

Propsed length unit: angles as visual angle

Put Your Site at the TOP of the Search Engines !

Run-in Style [Was Re: 'default.css' in CSS2 spec--BOOM!]

running headers & footers in CSS2

scope and semantics?


Split Horizontal & Vertical Visibility Values

Stupid warning

Style Sheets

Support for Vector Images

The CSS1 and 2 diffs

Tokenization error in CSS

Topmost element (was: Header, Footer, and Sidebars)

User Default Aural Cues

User stylesheets (was: Re: Header, Footer, and Sidebars)


VALIGN Equivalent?

Values for 'cue' and 'play-during'


With CSS how does one ALIGN block-level elements?

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