Another permission request

   This is a little different than the last one, though.  I'd like
permission to place a copy of the CSS2 specification on CWRU's Web server,
edit "default.css" to remove the background color, and announce its
availability.  This is intended as a convenience for users of MSIE 4.0pr1
for the Macintosh, which may (as we recently hashed out on this list)
experience crashes when trying to view the specification.
   I would also put a really big link at the top of the cover page which
pointed to the real specification, and a note to the effect that "my"
version is intended for Mac users.  If this is all right with the authors,
I'll download the ZIP file from the W3C site and get it on-line as soon as
possible.  Comments?

Eric A. Meyer  -  -
 Hypermedia Systems Manager
 Digital Media Services      
 Case Western Reserve University

Received on Thursday, 13 November 1997 12:01:47 UTC