Re: a vote for rotation

Space Cowboy wrote at 28/11/97 3:28 pm

>really, I was thinking more of text rotation of at least 22.5 degrees (1/2 of
>45...), which would make 16 positions for the text. That would be 
>sufficient for
>simple animation (and, of course, regular text), but it would be much 
>nicer if
>it were arbitrary. Images, on the other hand, should be arbitrary. I don't 
>how systems deal with rotation of any sort of font, but I know that most 
>do it
>(having seen it). I'm wondering at what CSS version they will include bending
>text along vectors. This is going to get very complex.

May be it's just me being conservative, but while I think 90 degree text 
rotation is fine and desirable, anything else seems better suited to the 
wide variety of vector and animation formats supported by plug-ins.

For example text rotation/animation are already supported by Macromedia 
Flash and Lari Electrifier (and others too I'm sure). Introducing these 
things into HTML make it a display rather than mark-up language, things 
like text along a curve are handled very well by the methods already 
mentioned or PDF for example.

-- Clive

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